Kim Smith

Kim serves clients in the Los Angeles / Southern California area

Sports have been an integral part of Kim success on and off the field. She played soccer at the University of Virginia and graduated with a BA in English, with All-ACC, MVP honors. She continued her career in Japan, Germany, and the US as a professional soccer player, all the while working as a freelance journalist. She has been coaching soccer in Los Angeles since 2002 at the club and high school level, along with track and cross country.  

The positive impact that college athletics has had upon Kim inspires her to guide student-athletes through the college placement process and to help them find the best environment to succeed and thrive -- not only as athletes, but as students and individuals. Through VSI, Kim has the incredible opportunity to share her extensive knowledge and experience as an advisor/mentor, coach, and elite athlete, empowering students to reach their athletic and academic goals. 

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